How well do you know Linkin Park Lyrics?

Linkin Park is one of the best Rock bands to have ever played. They have recorded four albums; Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight and A Thousnad Suns.

How much do you know about Linkin Park? This quiz will test how loyal you are to your favourite band. Do you know all the lyrics to their songs, take this quiz and find out!

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1. Waiting For the End - I know what it takes to move on, I know how it feels to lie, All I want to do _________________
is trade this life for someting better
is trade this life for something new
is dance with you
is trade this life for you
2. In The End - Watch it count down to the end of the day the clock ticks life away its so unreal, _____________
didn't look out below
didn't even see you go
didn't watch you go
I did see you go
3. Crawling - This lack of self control I fear is never ending, _______, __________
consuming ; I can't seem
Its beauty ; I can't seem
controlling ; I can't seem
never ending ; for me
4. Numb - Don't know what your expecting from me, ____________
but under the pressure
but under the influence
but walking in your shoes
but its just me
5. Leave Out All The Rest - After my dreaming, I woke with this fear, ______________ when I'm done here.
I had a nightmare
Where am I going
What is it like
What am I leaving
6. Breaking The Habit - Coz inside I realise, that im the one confused, ______________ or why I had to scream
I don't know whats worth dying for
I don't know whats worth fighting for
I don't know why I'm in pain
I don't know who I am anymore
7. Nobody's Listening - I got a heart full of pain, ____ of stress, ____ of anger, held in my chest
headfull ; handfull
handfull ; handfull
headfull ; headfull
leg full ; back full
8. What I've Done - For what I've done, I start again, and whatever ___________ today this ends
mountains get in the way
stuggle, I'll fight
pain may come
hurdles, I'll jump
9. From the Inside - Take everything from the inside, and throw it all away, coz I swear for the last time I will trust myself without you
10. Place for My Head - Maybe some day I'll be just like you and, _____________ like you do
step on people
hurt people
step off people
hit people
11. True or False - No Roads Left is a song by Linkin Park
12. The Messenger - When _____ leaves us blind, ____ keeps us ______
love ; life ; nice
fights ; police ; civil
life ; love ; kind
love ; life ; nice
13. Easier to Run - Its so much easier to run, replacing this pain with something numb, its so much easier to go, then face all this pain here all alone
14. **LAST QUESTION** No Roads Left is sung by:
Chester Bennington
Mike Shinoda
Brad Delson
Rob Bourdon

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