How well do you know House MD?

You think you know the infamous House MD. You think you know all about them, and you think you're a House maniac. You think you're addicted and are ready to be challenged in any way!!!! You think you're a House genius!!!!! I'm really not sure what else you think you are, but I know you think you're an expert. You're no House though!

However, we're not sure you do. Would you be fired? Would you get your salary doubled? Or are you even a doc at all?!?!?! Let's hope so - You know how House is. Take this quiz now to be safe, and spread the word! Long Live HOUSE MD QUIZZES!!!!!!!

Created by: Willow
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1. What is the name of Doctor Gregory House's boss, and Princeton General's hospital administrator?
Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Dr. Theresa Cuddy
Dr. Lisa Theresa
Stacey Warner
Dr. Eric Foreman
Mark Warner
2. Who plays Doctor Allison Cameron?
Lisa Edelstein
Jennifer Morrison
Alicia Brown
Laurie Hughes
Michelle Perez
Olivia Wilde
3. What are the two names that Doctor Chase's and Doctor Cameron's relationship called?
Chameron and Case
Case and Tuesdays
Mondays and Case
Chameron and Mondays
Tuesdays and Chameron
Chamcase and Wednesdays
4. What is Doctor 'Thirteen's real full name?
Dr. Melissa 'Thirteen' Clinton
Dr. Camille 'Thirteen' Rose
Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley
Dr. Beatrice 'Thirteen' Black
Dr. Lilac 'Thirteen' Parker
Dr. Cassie 'Thirteen' Turner
5. What channel is House MD on?
6. In the episode 'Painless', who gets offered a huge job promotion by someone he/she did not expect?
Dr. Cameron
Dr. Foreman
Dr. Cuddy
Dr. Chase
Dr. Kutner
Dr. 'Thirteen'
7. Who plays 'Thirteen'?
Laurie Hughes
Jennifer Morrison
Lisa Cuddy
O. W. Wild
Olivia Wilde
Lisa Edelstein
8. Name House MD's original main staff.
House, Cuddy, Cameron, Thirteen
House, Thirteen, Chase, Foreman
Cuddy, Foreman, House, Chase, Cameron
House, Cameron, Cuddy, Taub, Kutner
House, Kutner, Foreman, Cameron
House, Stacey, Foreman, Chase
9. What disease does 'Thirteen' have?
10. Name all House's romances:
Cuddy, Cameron, 13, Stacey
Stacey, Cameron
Cuddy, Cameron, Stacey
13, Cuddy
Cameron, Cuddy, 13
Stacey, 13, CUddy

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