How well do you know Garfield?

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PUTZthecat100 said:
Jun 17 '15, 10:57PM

8% Boom i'm so Awesome

EmmaEmma said:
Feb 24 '15, 9:56AM

Cool quiz! Thx for not being mean if someone got an F

Dgorms said:
Oct 18 '13, 1:43PM

I did what you said: it didn't work, you weirdo!

garfich13 said:
Jul 6 '11, 7:07PM

you got the wrog answer for 1st year of odies appearance. it's not 1979. it's '98. -.-

lucindamae said:
Jul 6 '11, 12:06PM

75%! You're almost there! Your at a C-B level. Just a little more studying and some mental thinking and you'll be a Garfield master like me!

Yay! I love Garfield so much...

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 25 '11, 3:40PM

first comment

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