How well do you know bacon

There are many bacon lovers but few true bacon lovers. A bacon lover is after all what the world needs. What is a bacon lover? A bacon lover is someone who totally loves bacon and knows everything about it.

Are you a bacon lover? Do you have what it takes to carry that awesome title around? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this truly awesome quiz in just a Little while you'll know.

Created by: n00bzeat3r31
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1. What animal does bacon come from?
Your mom
2. How much does on slice weigh if it's medium cut?
1 oz.
2 oz.
1.5 oz.
2.5 oz.
.5 oz.
3. How many grams of fat are there in bacon?
3 grams
2.5 grams
1 gram
1.5 grams
2 grams
4. How many calories in a medium cut slice of bacon?
5. Who eats the most bacon most out of all these?
Your mom
Your dad
Your dog
Your friend
6. Does bacon talk to any of these things?
your mom
your computer
your 360
none of the above
7. How many carbs does bacon have?
8. Do any of these dream about bacon?
your dad
your mom
your favorite animal
none of the above
9. Does bacon make you fat if
you eat to much
you eat not enough
you eat just the right amount
you eat raw bacon
none of the above
10. Are you getting bored of this quiz yet?
Hell ya get on with it
ya kinda
not really
no i love this quiz
11. Is bacon red?
no its pink
its pink when its raw but red when its cooked
its red
its no color but the color of awesomeness
none of the above
12. Do you like bacon?
Ya its my favorite food ever
ya its good
its sorta good
its not to good
it sucks
13. did you like this quiz?
Hell ya
a little
no it sucked so bad

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