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hooting owl said:
Sep 21 '15, 9:39AM

Agreed with Liberal Eejit. Very limited options that do not reflect the true breadth of combinations of beliefs and methods-- most questions were variations on the same basic idea.

Liberal Eejit said:
Sep 7 '13, 10:48AM

I'm not a big fan of this quiz. My views have always been that it doesn't matter what others believe or do, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. But the quiz seems less about how open minded you are, and more about "do you think your religious beliefs are correct." Obviously, I put yes: if you have religious beliefs, of course you think they're correct! It doesn't mean you don't question them, just that you have come to the conclusion that they are right. It doesn't mean you expect others to share those beliefs, just that you hold them. And for this I am essentially told that I am a bad person. Hm. As I say, I am not a fan of this quiz.

lilacodexed1234 said:
Mar 11 '13, 9:02PM

UU girl here! this quiz rocks!!!

motibutton said:
Feb 29 '12, 12:47PM

Great quiz! i am not a member of UU but I certainly believe in their take on the world.

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