How To Tell When A Boy Likes You

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Princess Giggles said:
Dec 1 '13, 2:27PM

Wow 80% i guess he does like me :)

Zozo812 said:
May 4 '13, 10:12AM

AWESOME! I got 64%!!!!! Lol :3

alegnageno said:
Mar 25 '10, 8:22PM

thanks, ruffles138, u r too.

luv_u said:
Mar 24 '10, 9:32AM

i like music: some one always has a crush on someone like i have a crush on 2 people right now but in going out with some one right now uhh love is so confusing oh that made me remember i have to go take love/confuse story you guys should try it oh and 4

I like music said:
Mar 22 '10, 8:27AM

44%... Why am I taking this quiz if I don't have a bf or a crush?

HappyHaley11 said:
Mar 21 '10, 2:28PM

awesome!now he likes me 79%!

HappyHaley11 said:
Mar 21 '10, 2:11PM

I liked the quiz. he likes me 73%! it is good enough for me! i like him too.

Wonderless said:
Mar 20 '10, 9:59PM

I liked the quiz I suppose. My best friend said that I'm cute last week and I'm in shambles. But I appreciate the help. Your quiz says that he likes me 53%. Try being more accurate.

kati888 said:
Mar 9 '10, 3:38PM

i LOVE this quiz! it asks all of the good questions, same answers and i got a good result! tee hee! :)

alegnageno said:
Mar 8 '10, 5:39PM


vballstar38 said:
Mar 7 '10, 7:27PM

So my BFF likes me. Whoa thats creepy!!! I think its cute. Only I don't like him like he likes me.

alegnageno said:
Mar 7 '10, 5:27PM

Hello, I am the creator of this quiz. And I would like to give you some advice: If you answered "I don't know" a lot for an answer, and got a low score, then take the quiz again...but this time, pretend the answer "I don't know" is not there!

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