How straight edge are you?

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Shadowrunner said:
Feb 23 '16, 4:53AM

I got straight edge...

Tiny_Tim said:
Dec 19 '10, 4:44PM

I'm straight edge except fro vegan/vegetarian-ne ss. I love me some bacon. So that's probably why the quiz told me I could be straight edge.

converse41 said:
Apr 13 '09, 5:27PM

it says im edge but im not, i just happen to know alot about music and beleive in the principles, i dont walk around with xs on ma hands

good quiz actually asks real questions, some about mackaye should have been included tho

andreaboo said:
Jan 24 '08, 5:55PM

haha definately NOT

musicluver1991 said:
Jan 24 '08, 4:28PM

I don't know what straight-edge is, but it would appear I am straight-edge.

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