How Stokey are you?

You may have been born in Stoke, but how much do you know about the area past and present? What do you know about local food, famous people and local place names?

Are you a true Stokey or have you moved on and forgotten your roots. Did you learn anything at school, did you listen to your grandparents, how much do you know about were you live, and can you take joke?

Created by: Micah Shaw
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1. The traditional industry of Stoke on Trent is
Chip Butty making
Cod Fishing
Steel Making
Lace making
Duck keeping
2. The staple food of Potteries born folk is
Chip Butties
Greggs Pasty
Staffordshire Oatcakes
Toby Carvery
Eccles Cakes
3. Owd Grandad Piggott is a fictional character created by author
Arnold Bennett
Percy Lockett
Alan Povey
Joshiah Wedgewood
Gorden Bennett
Gorden Banks
4. If you were sitting at Boothen End you would be...
Throwing a pot
Using an outside toilet
Sitting on the back seat of the bus
In a pub in Tunstall
Watching football
Watching Guns and Roses
5. Local writer Arnold Bennett wrote a book set in the fictional town of
6. A Spitfire is famously on display in Hanley Museum, but who designed it?
Nicolas Hancock
Frank Bough
Stan Mathews
Josiah Spode
Gordon Banks
Reginald Mitchell
7. What would you do with lobby
Light a gas lamp with it
Decorate a teapot
Light a fire
Kick it
Eat it
Sit on it
8. Which of these is not a local pottery manufacturer
Emma Bridgewater
Denby Pottery
Churchill China
9. The National Garden Festival was hosted by Stoke on Trent in which year?
10. The beautiful Trentham Gardens is the former home of Trentham Hall and Ballroom, where bands such as The Who and Thin Lizzy once played. In its glory days who owned the land?
Duke of Staffordshire
Marquis of Hanley
Earl of Snowdonia
Count of Cannock
Earl of Cheshire
Duke of Sutherland
11. Which of these former jobs has disappeared with modernisation of local industry
Teapot spout pourer perfector
Pit pony's bridle sewer
Saggar makers bottom knocker
Tyre tread index engineer
Oatcake roundness auditer
Toilet chain handle puller
12. Which of these is not a current or former club in Stoke on Trent?
Sammi Belles
Top Rank
The Place
The Sugarmill

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