How Shenno are you?

There are many street cats but few bring the ruckus. Shenno is holy land its soil like jerusalem to jews. some one who is shenno must earn there title as they boast creativity, originality, style and ruckus. these are aspect of true shennoness

do you think you fit the bill are you street worthy this scientifically proven quiz created by a james street resident will point you in the direction of rightousness and may grant you the title of shenno

Created by: stuart
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. your favourite pass time is:
chilling out
mixing beats on the tables
driving million dollar boats
bringing ruckus
4. beats a la bomb selter are:
war time propoganda songs
german folk rap
a selection of undergound hip hop/rap by revolutionary artists from various eras
rave like
5. looking fowards at the entry of iga name the shops in a clockwise direction
iga, vintage cellars, bakers dream, the pants store, evole gifts, hair on onslow, china house
iga, the wine box, bakers dream, chemist, evole gifts, hair on onslow, china house
iga, the wine box, bakers dream, chemist, pizza hut, hair on onslow, china house
iga, the wine box, bakers dream, chemist, p--- store, hair on onslow, jolly friar
iga, the pasta bowl, bakers dream, evole gifts, hair on onslow, china house
iga, video shop, wells bookstore, hairdressers, the pasta bowl, lawndromat, the jolly friar
6. where would one obtain 'calla'?
the pasta bowl
the jetty fish and chips store
the jolly friar
china house
the bakery
7. where does the nodfather earn his doh?
the pasta bowl
the jetty fish and chips store
wells bookstore
the bakery
the china house
8. the focal point of shenno is in your opinion
the jolly friar
rosalie fitness circuit
shenton college
the iga shops
morgan street
the lake
9. the street name for 'subiaco' is
east shenno
south shenno
the east side
10. street name for a girl who gets around is a
11. the educational centres of shenno are
shenton college, rosalie park primary
shenton park college, rosalie school
shenton college, rosalie primary school
they dont beleive in education
shane will teach you everything you need to know round the back of the bakery
12. your favourite beer is:
emu export
tooheys plat
carton draught
13. there is a libary in shenno
nearest one is nedlands or subiaco
14. you would name your pets:
tigger zyk claire amber vinnie
sally rufus russel pat
em pru james pia peter
15. you know what a clash facts is
yes and its specifications and use
16. some street names are
gill glyde solomon palmerson stuart
rosalie magnolia onslow derby rockerby
view coolgardie derby evan onslow
james morgan lake harvey yilgarn
17. the best neighbouring suburb is
mt claremont
pepperment grove (spelling)
18. the four streets surrounding the lake are:
evan morgan king herbert
evan herbet lake excelsior
derby onslow shenton lake
lake yilgarn james cullen
stanmore rosalie yilgarn keightly
james llyal herbert onslow

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