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  • I am underage for drinking but I absolutely 00% Russian and got 40 because of vodka stereotypes.

    dreamme Jan 27 '16, 5:41PM
  • I was only 9%. It says I'm so un-Russian that I must be American (Of course i'm American. A proud one, too), and that I rent Cold War movies (yep) and watch them with no sense of irony (what does that even mean?)...

    Mr Sark Dec 22 '15, 12:12AM
  • I'm russian, I never was out of Russia. This quiz calling me only 20% russian.

    Rabarbrablad Dec 6 '15, 8:45AM
  • Russia

    Loving_Monster Sep 18 '15, 10:22PM
  • I'm actually half Russian, and my answer was really judgmental who says you have to like Vodka to be Russian? xD

    Temno Zhizn May 26 '15, 11:44AM
  • 52 per cent Russian, though I'm Russian... haha, is that connected to that I'm a 40 per cent American Patriot (according to the another quiz)? haha
    an' never been to america =)
    But, well, that quiz is strange, there were plenty of times when I couldn't get the real answer for me.

    Flick Feb 28 '15, 1:03PM
  • Ahaha. So many outdated stereotypes

    mindcaster Sep 3 '14, 8:22AM

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