how ROUGH are you!!!

Okay, this is all about the rough factor in life being the toughest of them all. the roughest of your pack. the big leader. Are you? Can you rule your own life or is someone ruling yours? can you handle the rough road ahead or are you a frady cat you tell me little princess.

what animal are you a lion, ROAR!, a cheetah, GRRRR!, or a PURR...fect putty tat? Come on this isn't to hard it's just to see if you can rule the jungle of the busy rolling world around us. it's okay if you can't but i know you can atleast try unless your not rough enough.

Created by: Snell/Kwisie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If your playing ministicks/hockey with your family. and it's two on two, how do you play?
Not play at all
Wimpy (close yours eyes for everything)
Nice and fair
Fair with a few slips
Hardcore (lots of hitting slashing)
I dont do sports.
4. Standing in line in at a clothing store, someone tries to cut infront of you, you decide to..
Dont do anything, she might just be in a rush, oh well
Give her the evil eye
Try to get your spot back but fail to do so
Just give a small shove and let it slide
Make a huge scene, knock her over, take your spot back with pride. and give anyone who looks at you a nice evil stare
I dont go to the mall
5. One day at school, a boy comes up to you and pick pockets your cell phone, what would you do?
kick him in the balls, owwww!!!
let him be, it was a crapy cell anyway.
steal something of his and offer to trade
brake his ipod
be rude and dis and beat the sucker
6. You decide to go to a movie with friends, there are a group of guys sitting a row behind you. they talk and spit popcorn through a straw at you, what do you do?
ignore it, come back and see it again
yell at them
turn around and stare them down
call a movie theatre worker and get them kicked out
throw a thing of popcorn on the at the end and run off
tell them to meet you outside after the movie
7. True or False. If your bff was being abused you'd take on their abuser.
8. True or False. You just found out your boyfriends cheating on you, so you cry, and take him back the next day, after he apoligizes.
9. you daughter/son just started going to school, and a older child decides that they want to pick on him, and you find out. What would you do?
handle him yourself, the way we did it when we were young (roughly)
tell his parents
slap the kid
tell your kid to tell on him
tell your kid to stand up for himself
tell your child it will teach you to be tough (suck it up princess)
10. you just got a new pair of cute skater shoes. when you get to work/school your worst enemy is wearing the exact same pair, What would you do?
complement them on their taste in foot wear
take yours back
demand them to return their shoes
get into a fist fight
screw it steal them
11. your best friend just told a giant rumor about you dating her old boyfriend you say...
ya so what...last night was fun
tell everyone that she's lying
tell a bigger rumor about her
threaten anyone who beleives it
kill her
don't be her best friend and slap her senseless
12. you just broke up with your boyfriend, but you know your best friend has had the biggest crush on him since she was in highschool, what do you do?
let her go for it
laugh in her face
slap her if she even thinks about it
beat the living daylights out of her
who care you just dumped him
tell her he can't kiss

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