How Reading are you?

Reading has so many greats and a whole bunch of local interests. Are you one of those greats and are you proper Reading? Are you a true Readingensian?

Take this quiz and see if you are worthy of calling yourself proper Reading. It's not for the occasional visitor and to get a good score you need to be Reading and proud.

Created by: Sarah
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1. What was The Butts Centre?
An underwear shop
A shopping mall
An ashtray factory
2. What is Smelly Alley?
A small alleyway lined with shops
A popular flytipping spot
The local tip
3. Who is Kingsley?
Reading Town FC's Mascot
Reading Rocket's Mascot
Reading FC's mascot
4. What would you expect to see Elvis holding?
An Elvis Presley album
A microphone
Nothing, The King died in 1977
5. What are Reading's 3 B's?
Beer, biscuits & bulbs
Bacon, brawn & beef
Balls, bats & bandanas
6. What was Reading Girls School called?
7. Where were Reading FC based before before they moved to the Madjeski Stadium?
Beech Lane
Elm Park
8. Why is there an area of town called The Potteries?
It's famous for producing pottery
A large amount of Roman pot was found here
Clay pits were dug here
9. Where would you be if you went to Utopia?
A nightclub
A gym
A spa
10. What animal can be found in Forbury Gardens?
A lion
A goat
A famous duck
11. What was The Oracle before it was a shopping centre?
A wise woman
A workhouse
A bookshop
12. Where is Reading Bedding?
Liverpool Road off Cemetery Junction
Wantage Road off Oxford Road
Cressingham Road off Shinfield Road

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