How Prestonian are you?

If you can see the world from the banks of the river ribble, from hangmans wood, church woods. Make a fire in the rain, a rope swing, dam a stream, climb trees, ride a honda plop. Then you come from my world.

This quiz is purely for fun but will test your knowledge and opinions about Preston in the good old days before mobile phones. When you had to track down where your friends were on a Saturday with creative imagination.

Created by: ribblegiggle
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2. What is your gender?
3. On which street were the public baths?
Corporation St
Saul St
Old Cock Yard
4. What colours were the P2 and P5 buses?
red and blue respectively
blue and red respectively
5. What does the bus station smell of?
cheap perfume
the great unwashed
6. On greeting a Prestonian do you
shake hands
shake your bits
say alreet mate
say alreet chaw
say hello
7. The Harris museum has something a frenchman discovered because he was a rubbish surgeon and had to do something else. It is?
that ball thing on a line we never understood
that ball thing on a line your dad tried to explain but you were too thick to get it
frenchmen don't invent
a Foucault’s Pendulum
an Elk
8. The temperature of Saul street baths basement changing rooms were
I can't feel my hands and feet
Just about bearable
My mug of hot bovril is preventing hypothermia
I'd rather drown than go down there
Nice and warm
9. How many car park levels does the bus station have?
I don't care no one uses it because it smells of piss
10. The famous biker pub in Preston is?
The Blackamore
The Sun
The Moon
The Dog & Partridge
The Black Horse
11. What is only pub to have three entrances/exit doors on three different streets?
The Tardis
The Black Horse
The Jobcenter
The Gray Friar
The Theatre
12. The Painted Wagon Saloon was under what?
The bus station
the ABC cinema
the Odeon
13. PP on the Civic crest are taken to mean?
Pull the bus station down
Pull the bus station down and the Guild Hall
Proud Preston
Princeps Pacis
Prince of Peace
14. The door stop at the entrance to the Barracks museum is what?
a shoe
rambling syd rumpo
kenneth williams
oo matron
a cannon ball
15. Beer prices in the Fleece are?
I can only afford one pint
why don't they serve carlsberg special brew on tap
get the bus to the D & P
16. There are two bookshops of the same name on Friargate. Who do they belong to?
Threepwood & Bluebeard pirate emporium
Hazelwoods & Sons
Halewood & Sons
17. Preston docks have two basins. What are they called?
Ant and Dec
fill them both with the rubble from the bus station and the guild hall
Samson and Delilah
Victoria and Albert
Dock I and Dock II
18. Moor, Haslam, Avenham and Miller are the names of?
bus stations
public lavatories
lovely parks
concrete aborations
19. The spire of St Walburge is the highest church spire in England designed by the architect Joseph Aloysius Hansom. What else is he known for?
grey brutalism
clever engineering
ambition in architecture
The Hansom Cab

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