How Polish Are You?

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Swimclub11 said:
Sep 19 '14, 6:55PM

50% Polish, which is actually true!

Brightwing777 said:
Dec 22 '13, 2:48PM


But I'm Polish, lol. Anyways I was born in America and have Polish relatives

Rainbow_Dash said:
Nov 12 '12, 1:36PM

You're 100% Polish ;)!

Nic dziwnego, skoro pochodz z Polski ;P

Cassaqazqaz said:
Jan 4 '12, 8:02PM

I got 60%
I'n not Polish but i went there last year and it was SAH AMAHZING

Jessica123 said:
Dec 17 '11, 8:44AM

You are 40% Polish ;)!

So you're half Polish. That's great! Now all you need to do is to work on the other half of you. Go hang out with some Polish people at some random Polish bar and have a wonderfully Polish evening. You'll eventually get there... :)

I'm an American.

ALLmyflashbase7 said:
Oct 26 '11, 5:50PM

You are 60% Polish ;)!

You're close to being a true, 100%, die hard Pole. A little more praying, a little more ethnic cooking and a little more vodka and beer drinking should get you there in no time! :)

Marmota said:
Aug 23 '11, 5:57PM

80%! That sounds about right for a related neighbour. :-)
But beating a Pole in the quiz... um.

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