How Peterboroghian are you?

Are you from Peterborough or have you been or does family live there? Peterborough is a funny place neither north or south, west or truly east, this quiz can help determine if you know this little city or not!

Do you think might be a secret Peterboroughian or are you certain? Do you know your Hargate from your Vale, your Goldhay from your Brimbles well why not take the test and see.

Created by: p'boro gel
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1. What is the correct response to a direct question for example: Would you like peas?
Yes Please
What are you talking about
2. What is Dogsthorpe Road more commonly known as?
Dogsthorpe Road
Doggie Road
Dogs Road
that place of Lincoln Road
3. If you were going to the centre of Peterborough would you say you were going to ..............?
The City Centre
Cathedral Square
4. What is Peterborough's football team known as?
The Borough
None of the above
5. When using the other name for Nene Park do you pronounce it?
Fairy Meadows
Ferry Meadows
Firry Meadows
Nene Park
6. Who is Nobby?
Peterborough United's Mascot
Somebody who hogs the chocolate hob nobs
A local homeless man who lives on Oundle Road
The singer from Slade
7. If you had gone away from Peterborough for a while and was heading back where would you say you were going?
Back to the borough
Home James Home
I wouldn't be going back!
8. What did Oliver Cromwell use Peterborough Cathedral for during the civil war?
As a place of worship
A place to sleep
Horses Stable
He didn't go to Peterborough
9. What does 'me old fruit' mean to you?
A term of endearment
Rotten apples
10. What is Peterborough's symbol?
Image of the river
A Swan
Crossed keys
6 fingers

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