How Persian Are You?

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Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 3:56PM

I love Persian rugs ! Music, Persian women look great

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 3:53PM

Hi my name is Angela Kaperonis I got 18 percent Persian! My italian friend Mario Rossi got 70 percent!

DespritCookie said:
Jun 17 '14, 9:08PM

I am 100% Persian

But im the only one in my family born in america even my sister was born in another country EVERYONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY WAS BORN IN Iran

Elliryanna said:
Mar 23 '14, 7:42PM

Um, I'm actually a quarter parces, and I got 19%. My grandpa came over from India when he was 18 or something, and I know a lot about Persia, yet nothing in the quiz has anything to do with the tower where they set people out to be eaten by animals after they died or anything. This is completely stereotypical.

Shady_girl said:
Dec 11 '11, 5:28PM

94% Persian!! Awesome quiz.

Appayipyip42 said:
Jun 11 '10, 3:32PM

0% Persian...makes sense.

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