How Obsessed with Degrassi are you?

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Degrassi girl said:
Aug 16 '11, 4:22PM

Its Holly J Sinclair NOT St.Clair

Music is Life said:
Apr 11 '11, 8:43PM

When was this made? Ancient times? The N is now Teennick. Also, like MonicaAlexieaa stated, Sean was sent to jail because of a hit and run, not because of any of the reasons listed there.

MonicaAlexieaa said:
Jun 24 '10, 8:58PM

There is a mistake. Sean goes to jail because of a hit and run. That answer isn't in a choice in that. So I got 97%

msvirgo said:
Aug 2 '09, 11:43AM

100% yay! I didn't know I had it in me. lol
Degrassi is the best show EVER!!!

misskiss said:
Jul 23 '09, 11:36PM

95% lol!

nice quiz =]

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