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NIgirl said:
Nov 14 '13, 5:47PM

"You are 80% Northern Irish, Not bad you did pretty good you know enough about this country to know its not a good holiday destination"

I dont believe this should have been said at all. Why are u discouraging people from coming to Northern Ireland? NI is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Dont let the trouble of the past influence the future. Comments like this do not help!

dairishguy said:
Mar 27 '13, 4:13AM

well I have lived in the North of Ireland all my life
so I already knew all these except for the flute was most common,

Dross said:
Dec 18 '12, 10:48PM

100% I'm acually Irish so wow

honoshikun said:
Feb 24 '12, 12:42PM

60%. I'm Irish-American and my roots trace back to Belfast.

Danibani said:
Jul 13 '11, 7:03PM

Hmm very political...

Hikaru Katsu said:
Nov 23 '09, 6:11PM

That's cause you suck.

Muirgen said:
May 2 '09, 9:33PM

0%, lol!
guess i dont know very much about ireland...

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