How North North Jersey are you?

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Rocker24 said:
Apr 18 '10, 11:07AM

This is off Im from Bergen I was born and lived here my whole life ps Chris Christy is worse than Corzine my town lost all state funding I hate Christy

poop4444 said:
Feb 4 '08, 8:42AM

I'm from Wantage in Sussex County, about three miles from High Point Monument. That's about as north as you can get. Your test doesn't pertain to that area at all. Fail.

Exit16W said:
Oct 13 '07, 7:33AM

Hey "you's guy's" (we don't talk like that) but anyway, I'm originally from Rutherford, NJ but now reside in Los Angeles, Cal. I tell them," here are the facts", We do not, nor have I ever heard someone say New Joyzie!! Sans our ex-governer Cane. But yes more than likely I am related to or know some one who is related to, someone in organized crime. Also they say "tock" instead of "talk" here .I know we say "tawk" but both are incorrect. I know. I had speech and dialect class in acting school. Silly Cali they always think they're right!!

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