How much "Oki-knowledge" do you have?

Ever heard the saying "Home is where the heart is?" Well, for some of us United States military families, home can be wherever the official orders send us.

If home for you is, recently was, or soon will be Okinawa, Japan, take this quiz to see how well you know some of the recommended places to visit and basics of the culture.

Created by: osbornebec
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3. Where can one go to eat and drink everything made from pineapple imaginable?
Pineapple Park, Nago
only in Heaven would such a place exist
Golden Corral buffet (oh wait, we're in Okinawa...)
4. What are shi-sah dogs?
Hello Kitty's arch rivals
guardians and protectors of Okinawan homes
mean girls
5. Where did many Okinawans and Japanese soldiers hide during the Battle of Okinawa?
under their tatami mats
Peace Prayer Park
in the islands' numerous limestone caves
6. What does "arigato" mean?
Thank you
hairy cat
Good bye
7. Where can one get a well-rounded (HINT) aerial view of Chatan-town?
American Village Ferris Wheel
make friends with an Air Force pilot
Mt. Fuji
8. Where can kids play on a model of a run aground pirate ship (sorry ladies, Captain Jack not included)?
Comprehensive Park
Universal Studios, Tokyo
Araha Beach
9. You've walked through and climbed what seemed like endless stairs in the northern Okinawa forest to reach this natural landform beautiful in winter, spring, summer, or FALL. Where are you?
Niagaragusuku Falls
Gyokusendo Cave
Hiji Falls
10. What is COCOK?
where every woman should go at least once for gorgeous toenail art
Curry House
another military acronym I'll never figure out
11. What is Okinawa's nickname?
The 2 baby tour
Keystone of the Pacific
Typhoon Central
12. What native noodle dish is very popular on Okinawa?
Top Ramen
anything on the menu at Macaroni Grill
13. What are the small, concrete structures found along hill and roadsides in Okinawa?
Hobbit holes
family tombs
you mean off-base housing?
14. To really "get your shop on" in Okinawa, where should you go?
straght to the Internet to order online
Kokusai Street, Naha
the PX or BX (ha...ha...ha)
15. The worst part about being in Okinawa is
being away from friends and family
the intense heat and humidity
no Wal-mart
16. What road will take you almost the entire length of Okinawa?
Route 66
Route 58
Okinawa Expressway
17. The Japanese twist on gambling, visible all over southern Okinawa, is called
Okinawan Hold 'Em
Ryukan Roullette
18. Where can you go for a fishy foot treatment (fish will nibble the dead skin on your feet away)?
just jump in the dolphin tank at Churami Aquarium
Chula-U bath house
snorkelling at the Kerama Islands
19. What ancient stronghold and royal residence is located atop a hill in Naha?
Hot Spar
100 Yen Plaza
Shuri-jo (Shuri Castle)
20. Sake in Okinawa is served up with a little something special from which native creature?
low-flying bats
gigantic cockroaches
deadly habu snakes
21. Where can you go to get an honest-to-goodness Frosty anytime you like?
Wendy's, in the Koza Music Town (corner of 330 and Gate 2 Street)
Freebie -- just wanted to spread the good news!
Ok, this one's a gimme (did you read choice #2?)

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