How Much Of A Party Animal Are You?

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Mariatiger said:
Sep 29 '13, 2:53PM

100% b----es XD

cow girl 99 said:
Aug 2 '12, 11:52AM

hahahahah i got 10 good eh

lenin said:
Jul 8 '12, 5:28PM

93% not to bad

Homicidal_tacos said:
Jun 17 '12, 7:23PM

Haha I got way lower than exspected when I go to a party or club I walk in get drunk and have a one night stand:) I'm that awesone:)))

soccergurl14 said:
Apr 1 '12, 6:01AM

I got 0%
I'm not surprised.

vampiregirl33 said:
Aug 6 '11, 4:44PM

49% pretty good quiz

name said:
Jan 15 '11, 5:26PM

21%. Its true. Me a lonely person.

ThuqqinHeavy said:
Jun 9 '10, 4:55PM

71% , Party Animal !

ghghgh said:
Mar 27 '10, 7:49AM

naw i only got 78% you're kidding i was expecting above 80!
i mean who doesn't walk out of a club and it's daylight?????????

doglover374 said:
Mar 6 '10, 6:06PM

The party don't start till I walk in...

xxTHE DOCTORxx said:
Feb 13 '10, 9:09PM

53% Suits me well I guess!!! 8D

rachcab21 said:
Aug 23 '09, 6:02AM

I agree with Darthvado.

appayipyip said:
Jun 13 '09, 9:05PM

I can be both the craziest party animal around, or the very disciplined warrior-type who trains instead of partying.
It depends.

girls rule said:
May 5 '09, 4:54AM

im a 41% partie animal i cant stay up that late but i like to party all the time party all the time party all the time i like to party all the time party all the time party all the time

Too me said:
Feb 2 '09, 11:14PM

18% -- ya partie uck, too much noise, too much people, too crowded, to much energy....

azial12 said:
Feb 2 '09, 10:36AM

i got a 40% You are just middle of the road. Don't party too hard, nor too soft. Kinda like wallpaper, you are there, but no-one really knows why.... Becareful else it's townie town you will go...

diana96 said:
Jan 14 '09, 10:24PM

cool! party's sucks!

guitarist 4 said:
Aug 1 '08, 12:56AM

im not a party animal....i am the party!!!

Darthvado said:
Jul 14 '08, 9:14PM

I hate parties. Too much noise, too much people, too much activness. Hate 'em.

imageofsavile said:
Jun 9 '08, 1:29AM

lets just say it was horrible.
it didnt sound like much of a "party animal" quiz sounded more sit around the campfire ha.
2 star :S

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