How much of a bigot are you?

There are many definitions and claims of what others perceive to be bigoted. Have you ever wondered who's a bigot, have you been called a bigot, after all, can we truly know? Maybe so, find out soon.

Are you bigot, have you ever been called/called someone else a bigot. With this quiz, help validate or decimate previous claims made and help find your true bigoted, or non bigoted, self.

Created by: noah
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is the state of LGBT rights in america?
We need more, and government should become stronger to enforce those rights. Those opposed are usually problematic people
We already have equal rights, everyone plays by the same rules.
What do you mean those f-- should have rights??
Homosexuality is wrong, but in the end they're still people and deserve the same rights.
We should all work to personally become more accepting of LGBT individuals.
4. A business denies service to an LGBT individual, what is the next course of action?
Use the full force of the government to attack the bigot and end discrimination.
Ha, serves that queer right.
I personally wouldn't do it, but it's the business owners decision.
That's terrible and we should come together as a community to condemn the acts.
5. Same question as before but instead of an LGBT individual, it is a racial minority?
Give em a taste of what it was like in the good ol days.
I don't see why someone would deny service, it just harms their business.
We should stand as a community to boycott the store.
charge the individual with a hate crime and force him to provide service.
6. An individual is shouting racial slurs at another individual, what should happen?
That n***er probably deserved it.
Thats terrible and we should stand by the minority individual to stop the bully.
It's freedom of speech, and he has the right to do it, however it's terrible and should not be tolerated.
That's hate speech and we should attack the racist
7. Finish the sentence, Guns...
should be used to scare the queers
are our constitutional right
should be looked down upon
8. Finish the sentence, the constitution is...
just a piece of paper
the law of the land
greatest document ever made... after the bible of course.
9. Who would you most likely vote for president?
Bernie Sanders, everyone deserves free healthcare and if you disagree, you're evil. #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #BlackLivesMatter #IntersectionalFeminism
Donald Trump, He's gonna Make America Great Again!
Donald Trump, lesser of the two evils although he's not a true conservative.
Hillary Clinton, about time we had our first woman president.
Hillary Clinton, not the best, but at least she'll be better than Trump.
10. Abortion is...
A woman's right to choose
Evil and should ban all abortions.
Personally against, but I can not dictate the choice of others.
It is terminating the life of another individual and should be stopped, however there are some exceptions.
11. What is your view on feminism?
It's man hating and these females should've been stopped long ago.
Modern day feminism has become based on emotion rather than facts.
The fight will never stop, #RESIST
I agree with the concept of feminism, but the community itself has become distorted. I prefer the label of egalitarian
12. Beyonce is...
My role model, slay queen!!
A singer???
A woman with too much power
13. Should refugees be allowed into America.
Only if they take a bite of a bacon burger on the way in.
Yes, let them in. Its Americas fault for being so Islamaphobic
We should try to help them as much as possible, however the threat of terror to Americans supersedes those of a foreign individual.
We should let in those that try to adapt, it is worth the risk of terror attacks in order to demonstrate some humanity.
14. immigration from Mexico is...
Bad, all the illegals are takin our jobs
No person is illegal
Good, as long as its legal
15. Traditional gender roles are...
Evil and is why we fight to end them
how a woman should be
An individuals choice, although I would not like them so much
The ideal way to raise a family, however I do not expect to force others to come to the same decision.
16. Affirmative action is...
Reverse racism
Necessary to help minorities and smite those with privilege
Inherently racist to minorities because it is the idea that they cannot equally compete with others without the help of government
a step in the right direction, however it relies too much on government force. We should all hold these views personally rather than being forced
17. what is your opinion on the trans community?
Damn trannies
There are only two genders that are genetically determined, I don't expect them to force me to alter reality to fit their subjective view of themselves.
Valid people and are whatever gender they identify as
There are only two genders, and the idea that there are more actually hurts genuine trans people
18. Make America Great Again, what do you picture from this phrase?
Old racist white supremacists
The fifties, when society was perfect
A return to tradition and morals, without the racism and sexism.
An attempt to try to conform others to your religious views

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