How much of a Beatles Fan are you?

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hofner bass said:
Mar 16 '14, 6:01PM

i only got 58% :( this was a great quiz though! :D

Beatlemaniac said:
Dec 29 '13, 3:31PM


Mathswizard said:
Nov 26 '13, 6:18AM

Only got 73%. Like jprg didn't know the background stuff.
Did rubbish on the rock quiz,but that's because rock died with the Beatles.

JohnLennonLover said:
Aug 17 '12, 9:06PM

I got 100%, I literally am OBSESSED with the Beatles. That is all I have on my iPod. I own whey song published by them too

johnlennon said:
May 5 '12, 9:48AM

i got 100 percent because i only listen to the Beatles and i have tons of Beatles books :)

werewolf of dark said:
Apr 11 '12, 8:02PM

i love ringo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

webby121314 said:
Mar 21 '12, 7:06PM


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