How much do you love Christmas?

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StrawberryGirl said:
Aug 27 '16, 10:58AM

84% but honestly, I feel like 100% or something. It's still August but I can't help myself xd. ❄⛄🎄

popularfun said:
Jun 18 '15, 5:24PM


MooMoo31 said:
May 30 '15, 12:48PM


MooMoo31 said:
May 30 '15, 12:48PM

This is actually the TRUTH

You love Christmas 0%

Wow, you hate Christmas. Stop being so Bah Humbug and ruining people's fun! However, if it's because your faith doesn't celebrate Christmas, I pose one question to you... why did you take this quiz?

Pug Lover said:
Nov 25 '14, 1:08AM

I got 100%! Yay!!!

__CHEESE__ said:
Nov 11 '14, 5:03PM

i git a 0% because i lied :3
but when i said the truth i got 89%

queenofpop said:
Oct 10 '14, 6:52PM

I love Christmas best holiday EVER

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