How much do you know Invader Zim?

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huskywolf said:
Sep 20 '12, 1:01PM

ok who here thinks that invader zim or Johnny the Hommicidal maniac should be put on like mtv or some tv show? i mean who else would think that would be freaking awesome that way hes can show and say moer then what he was aloud to say on nickelodeon.

Invader Crystal said:
Nov 26 '11, 9:06AM

100% Yay :) Invader Zim is cool

skatterbrain said:
Nov 22 '11, 5:07AM

70% yeah i remember that show

Hunteriscool said:
Nov 21 '11, 12:46PM

wow, this got in the categories? cool.

InvaderKazlol said:
Nov 14 '11, 6:42AM


yay! i'm awesome!

Wolfeyes77 said:
Aug 28 '11, 5:38PM

O.O how could you say that!

Wolfeyes77 said:
Aug 16 '11, 2:08AM

100% I love ir
Guess who made waffles

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