How Much Do You Know About Tamar Braxton?

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I know there is so many people in this world that like to challenge thereselves and that's good because I like to do the same.People like you are strong and brave because you like to do things that is hard to see if your made for it.

If you do belive in yourself and have courage then come on take this quiz because it could be made for a person like you.I like people like you but before you take it put your thinking cap on because it's going to be easy. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Carnisha

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  1. How old is Tamar Braxton?
  2. When is Tamar Braxton's birthday?
  3. How many sisters does Tamar have?
  4. Who did Tamar marry?
  5. Out of all of the sisters,what place is Tamar in?
  6. True or False:Does Tamar play in any TV shows?
  7. If she did,what is it called?
  8. Did she have any kids,If so how many?
  9. In the above picture,What music video was that picture in?
  10. What TV show did Tamar get fired at?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Tamar Braxton?