How Much Do You Know About Suite Life on Deck/

There are many people that know the Suite Life on Deck, but few people that truly do know. Do you know all about it or not? that's what your score tells.

Do you know a lot about Suite Life? Do you know all the characters? On this you will be tested on all of this.Good luck! Plus, if you score well on this quiz.

Created by: Elise
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1. Who plays Zack? Who plays Cody?
Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse
Zack Martin and Cody Martin
Jerry Maclagh and Mac Hue
Brenda Song and Fred Freeman
2. Who plays London? Who plays Baily?
London Tipton and Baily Pickett
Brenda Song and Debby Ryan
Ellie Mc Lead and Branda Dender
Adnerb Gnos and Ybbed Nayr
3. Who plays Woody?
Matt Timmons
Giovonnie Samules
Phil Lewis
Vita Frese
4. Who plays Mr. Moseby?
Phill Lewis
Llihp Siwel
Vellcome Markenz
Swenta Ellta
5. What is the ship called?
SS Resmy
SS Walter Tipton
SS London Tipton
SS Velta
SS Tiptone
SS Tipton
6. Where is the SS Tipton going to?
The Bahamas
All Around the world
They are lost @ sea
7. Why are Zack and Cody on the SS Tipton?
so they can go to the school
to get away from there parents
there parents sent them
8. Who was Marcus?
lil' Little
Bigey Big
lil' Big
Bigey lil'
lil' lil'
9. What is London's catch phrase?
Yay Me!
10. Who Said, "My daddy owns the boat." To get out of trouble?
London Tipton
Baily Pickett
Cody Martin
Zack Martin
Brenda Song

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