How much do you know about South Africa Quiz 1?

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32 mercenary said:
Sep 8 '15, 5:14PM

You're quise incorrect south africa is a country were the smallest population group do not find a decent job,farmers are being murdered on a daily basis,the south african police service is rated as the worst police force in the world,the south african economy is on the brink of collapse,the south african airlines is the worst airline in the world.

mattkittykat said:
Feb 9 '11, 12:12PM

mean im not from there im from the united states and im only 10! like the age 10! so shut up!!!!!! i looked at the globe and ummm i bet im smarter at reading writing science and math than u! besides i got dyslexia so thx alot!!!!!!!! u little dimwitt!!!!!!

Maxine said:
Jul 18 '08, 12:36AM

I am South African and I only scored 50% thats shocking and i call myself a patriot, will have to get my A into G lol SOUTH AFRICA IS AMAZING!!! i've been all over the world, but still nothing compares to South Africa it really is one of a kind and im Sooo proud to be a citizen =)

Ruben said:
Mar 25 '08, 12:00PM

I AM FROM SOUTH AFRICA!!! I guess I'm Ignorant without excuse. You should look at the answers though, they're quite interesting...

Any case, I made an awesome quiz at called How UNIQUE are You at

Please try it, rate it and comment!

mishele said:
Jan 23 '08, 11:42PM

I'm sorry I'm so ignorant. I did read "A Boy Ten Feet Tall", remember that book about the 10-year-old boy who walked fromNorth Aftica to Cape Town by himself?

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