How much do you know about money?

There's a test next week on the money system of the United States. Are you ready? How much do you know about money? Do you think you are a "money" genius or just the average Joe?

Do you think you can ace the test? Or do you need to hit the books, and hit them hard? Take the quiz and find out! Do you think you can do it? Just try it!

Created by: KC
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1. What is money?
Medium of exchange
The dollar bill
Something in a bank
Green paper
2. What is money?
Green paper
Something of value
A twenty dollar bill
Store of value
Valuable jewelry
3. What is money?
Precious gemstones
Gold or silver
Measure of value
Coins and paper bills
Just paper
4. What is a characteristic of money?
Hard to carry around
Value changes rapidly
None of the above
5. Whta is a medium of exchange?
Can be traded for goods and services
Can't be traded for anything
Something that can be used in a store
A credit card
None of the above
6. What is a measure of value?
Something valuable
Can compare the value of goods
Can compare the value of services
Precious gems
The golden ruler
Can compare the value of goods and services
7. What is a store of value?
A gold mine
A superstore that sells valuable things
A pawn shop
A jewelry store
A bank
Purchasing power stored for later use
8. Why is money scarce?
It needs to have a limited supply to ensure value
People spend too much of it
There's not a lot because of national debt
Paper money is burned easily
There isn't enough in the world
Natural resources to make paper money are scarce
9. What kind of money type do we have in the United States?
Commodity money
Representative money
Paper money
Flat money
10. What is something acceptable for payment of debts?
Legal tender
Credit cards
11. What type of money did we used to have in the United States?
Flat money
Commodity money
Representative money
Silver dollars
Confederate currency
12. Why is money valuable?
It's backed by gold and silver
It's widely accepted as payment
The materials cost that much to produce it
The government tells us it's valuable
13. If it's not acceptable as payment, why isn't money valuable?
The government won't accept it
It's just paper
The materials used to make it are worth less than its value as currency
14. What is a barter?
Used after money was developed
Exchange of goods for other goods
Exchange of money
15. What is the Federal Reserve System?
The central bank of the US
A bank in Washington, DC
The Fed.
16. What does the Federal System do?
Oversees large commercial banks
Power to block a merger between banks
Oversees foreign banks that operate with the US
The government bank
When banks need money, they borrow from the Fed.
All of the above

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