How much do you know about Minecraft?

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There are many minecraft players! but very few can memorize all the crafting recipes and craft everything known to Notch! If you think you know everything take this minecraft quiz now!

Are you a minecarft genius? Do you know everything about minecraft or at least a lot about it! Until now you can only wonder. But now taking this quiz will have you find out how much you know about minecraft!

Created by: Bigbrobacon
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1. What kind of pickaxe do you need to mine obsidian?
Any pickaxe
Diamond pickaxe
Iron pickaxe
Golden pickaxe
2. What do you need to make a nether portal?
Obsidian+Flint and Steel
Dirt+Spider webs
3. What do creepers drop when they are killed?
4. Are pumpkins rare?
5. How many diamonds does it take to get full diamond armor?
24 diamonds
26 diamonds
22 diamonds
20 diamonds
6. Can a minecraft player jump over a fence?
7. How many uses can you gte out of a diamond sword?
1263 uses
1685 uses
1562 uses
1489 uses
8. What monster do you fight when you get into the end?
A giant
A ghast
The enderdragon
9. How many food bars does a apple restore?
1.5 food bars
2 food bars
1 food bar
3 food bars
10. Which of these items can you only get in creative mod?
Blaze rod
Ender pearls
Spawn eggs
Nether star
11. What is the default minecraft skin also know as?
12. Where can you find glowstone?
In the nether
On the sun
You cant get glowstone
13. What 2 mobs are neutral?
Spider and Magma Cube
Zombie and Creeper
Enderman and Zombie Pigmen
Blaze and Ghast

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