How much do you know about horses?

Horses rock horses rock horses rock horses rock sorry i needed to put something here and i dont have anything else to say so yayayyayayyayayyayayyay so ya yay ya and ya ya ya dont have to read this

If you dont want to cuz theres really nothing to read but what you just read if you are reading this you are probably very bored and the boredem ghost will come to haunt you now!!!

Created by: Cassidy of perfect-pony-gal
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1. You mount a horse on the
left side
right side
2. The point in middle of a horse's hoof is called the
3. An arabian horse's personality is usually
very laid back
very high strung
4. If you were reining a horse with both hands you are most likely riding
side ways
5. Completly black horses are
very rare
very common
stable horses
6. This question is very simple... I'd be surprised if you got it wrong. Horses eat mainly
Hay and grasses
Meat and Bones
Bugs and Pointy things
7. The first known reletavie to the horse
had three toes on each foot
was about the size of a dog
live 500 years ago
was similar in size a features as today's horses
8. What is NOT poisunus to horses?
Beat Pulp
field horsetail
9. True or false? To get your horse to go you say giddyup?
10. Then what do you say to get your horse to go?
Walk on
Hurry up
11. If you heard somebody talking about a horse's "Gait" what would they be refering to?
The way to enter a horse
How a horse moves
The way to enter the fence

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