How much do you know about Biology?

There are a lot of people in the world. Some are good at a lot of things, or at least think they are, and some aren't so good. Biology is a great subject to study in if you like science.

If you know biology your biology and you want to prove that you do, then take this quiz to find out. If you score a low score then that proves that you don't know biology, but if you score a high score then you know biology well. Good luck!

Created by: Hannah
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1. What does "ology" mean?
study of food
study of life
study of logs
2. What does "ology" mean?
study of
a type of food
a person
3. What does "Bio" mean?
4. What subject is biology?
5. Is DNA fingerprinting a part of biology?
6. In DNA replication what happens?
DNA makes a copy of itself
DNA moves to the ribosome
RNA changes into DNA
7. What is a ribosome?
a place on the cell that creates DNA
site of protein synthesis
site of ribosomal creation
8. What is zoology?
the study of animals
the study of people
the study of zoos
9. What is the job of the cell membrane?
to control ribosomes
to make protein
to decide what enters and leaves the cell
10. What is the nucleolus?
controls what enters and leaves the nucleus
controls what enters and leaves the cell membrane
makes chromosomes

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