How much do u like ur mom???

TAKE THIS QUIZ!!! It's a quiz to see if you looooove your mom. like your mom, or down right hate your mom. Tell your mom you love her all the time or the last words you say to her might be mean.

Lets just hope you like your mom more than enough to pass this test. Don't lie. Bubble in the right choice or it might change your answer at the end of my quiz.

Created by: Kassidi

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you talk to her about your problems?
  2. Do you like the things she gives you?
  3. Do you take things from her?
  4. Do you hide things from her?
  5. If you do something wrong and your mom asks you about it do you lie and say you didn't do it?
  6. Do you do something bad everyday?
  7. Do you have a boyfriend when your mom told you "Not 'till your older!!"?
  8. Do you care about your mom?
  9. Do you take advantage of her?
  10. Do you ask her questions?

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