How much do know about Sasha Silver?

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There are many Sasha Silver smart fans, but Sasha Silver geniuses. To be the Sasha Silver genius you have to have what it takes, the knolledge of the books and of Sasha.

Are YOU a Sasha Silver genius? Do you have what it takes to take that title, that name? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz and fun quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: amazon
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1. What is Sasha's horse's name?
2. What is Sasha's fav colour?
Pink, of course.
It's hunter green.
She loves all colours
Bright red.
3. Does Sasha make the advanced team or the YENT?
No, just the advanced team.
Well, she had to try out twice for both.
She didn't even get one :(
4. Who is Sasha's BFF?
Paige and Callie
Julia and Alison
Heather and Nicole
Jacob and Bruce
Eric and Rachel
Elise and Ben
5. What is Sasha's fav place on campus?
Lip gloss Store
Sweet Shoppe
Candy Couples
Priceless Magazine
The, er, Time Hortens?
6. Why didn't Sasha make the YENT?
Her posture was always wrong.
It wasn't Sasha's fault, her horse broke it's leg.
Why are you asking me?
She did make the YENT!
She forgot where her helmet was
The Trio tricked her.
7. What grade is Sasha in at the start of Canterwood Crest?
Um, what's Canterwood Crest???
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
She doesn't go to Canterwood! She goes to Willington!
8. What is Sasha's best horse-riding subject?
Dressage and Cross Country
Hunter under hack and Dressage
Show jumping and Dressage
Cross country and Show jumping
Show jumping and Hunter under Hack
9. What colour streaks does Sasha have in her hair?
Pink, it complements her blond hair
Lime Green
Sasha doesn't have streaks
10. Sasha has a fish named Charm. True? False?
Don't ask me

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