How 'Merican are you?

Hey you. yeah you. the American one or the one that wants to become one. yep you thank you I finally got your attention. ever wondered the pride of the country or didn't know how well you'd make it here. take it then take the quiz.

You may be American but are you 'Merican? this test will tell. Mericans are better. trust me. religion civil rights national questions and many other type questions will be in there have fun. this is written by Merican so think Merican.

Created by: The Geek
What is your age?
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25 to 30 Years Old
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1. How many states are there in the U.S.A?
2. Which singer is better?
Justin Bieber
Johnny Cash
Lady Gaga
3. What's the best sport?
4. What do you think about those who are serving or have served in the military?
They are the heros of this country!!!!
Disband the military.
They are idiots and should not fight.
I don't care they have there idea I just ain't into into it.
5. What do you think of rednecks or plain ole country folk?
They are the idiots of America.
They are what makes us people look dumb!
I stood by a redneck once and he farted. :(
All this world needs is a few more rednecks!
6. What do you think about guns?
They should be illegal in all the state of this country.
Guns kill even when unloaded and not touched.
I HATE all those gun owners and all of them should be killed with there own guns
Guns!!! this is Murica!! aint nobody been shot by an unloaded gun!!! U.S.A
7. Illegal immigration.
it's perfectly fine.
who cares we are america.
I don't care it's only a few people.
Go back to your country. If you have a problem contact the government to find a legal and understandable reason to move here.
8. Should the minimum wage get higher?
well yes. the lower class will finally get more money.
I don't care
I don't know anything about this
this would lose jobs ruin the economy and begin a socialist regime to make all earn the same.
9. What will happen to this country if it stays on the same path it's already heading to.
I don't care
socialism or communism. we ain't heading int the right direction.
we will have even more freedoms then we have right now.
10. religion.
do we even need religion any ways?
I don't give a... I'm atheist so I don't care.
religion rules the world! it strengthens the will of man and strengthens there ideas.
religion is a stupid use of brain capacity.
11. What's the national anthem?
I don't care it's not important.
I'm sexy and I know it.
Star spangled banner.

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