How long would you survive in Transylvania?

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Can you survive a night in Transylvania? Most idiots cannot. Most people who want to be funny cannot. Most people who epicly fail cannot. Most people who never read a vampire book cannot. Most people who have read twilight cannot, because this is DRACULA, NOT EDWARD!!!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, lived a man who was very charming. His 'nickname' was Price Charming. His REAL name was Vlad Dracula. HE killed many people. PRICE CHARMING became a guy in a fairy tale. Don't mix these two up, and you just might not be called an idiot. You also might survive if you were, say, trapped in Vlad Dracula's castle, but when will that ever happen?

Created by: cats#1 of lifetoday
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3. You arrive in Transyvania by yourself to conduct your bussiness with a mysterious stranger. You have no idea who he is, but first you must worry about where to stay. Where would you stay?
The Spooky Castle on a Hill
The Golden Krone Hotel, with people afriad of the count and constantly crossing themselves
In a Box, on the street
In a pleasent house, where the sun shines almost every day, far away from that castle
Deep in the Woods
4. Nothing bad as happened yet... wait... is that a... *crash*
5. It turned out that was a fortune teller, screaming "Vrolok" over and over again. She then thrusts a crucifix in your hand, and runs off.
What's a crucifix?
Throw the crucifix at her
Put it in your pocket
Keep it in a safe place, knowing that it is important for some reason
Throw it away
Lame fortune teller
6. You go and look for the stranger that appointed you here. You look up, down, left, and right, but can't find him. You also notice that you accidently stepped in a hall of mirrors. What now?
Pretty mirrors.
Get on with the story
Get on with the story, bum
How did I get here?
7. Later, after many hours of being stuck in the maze, carraige arrives and asks if you want a ride to that stragers house. What do you do?
Thanks, person I don't know
It's dark. Okay.
Who are you? Oh well.
Thats okay. I'll walk.
8. It's midnight, and you arrive at the castle where the stranger lives, (you don't know how you know this) and there is howling wolves. The castle is really creepy, a looks like it is from an old horror movie. You are about to knock on the door when it swings open.
Walk inside slowly
Run inside
I never knocked...
Cool an automatic door
9. You see the stranger. He says his name is Count Dracula. You notice kectup trickling down his chin, and don't bother asking if he could, say, make you dinner. Then the Count said "I have dinner prepared for you. Follow me."
Is that really kechup?
Follow him, eager for food
Mention the kechup
Bend down to tie your shoes
What was I afraid of?
10. You go to the dining room, and notice the table is only set for one. You eat, and answer the Count's many questions. Hey, thats the reason he wanted you here. Count Dracula asked if you wanted to stay for the night.
Of course, I'm scared
No, I'm scared
No, I'm not sure that is kectup
Yes, I'm tired and you seem really nice
..., You fell alseep
11. When you wake up the next morning, you are in Count Dracula's castle, with food on your face. You remember that you fell asleep while eating. you try to leave but all door and windows are locked, except for the one on the tip of the tower. What do you do?
Search for the key to the front door
Jump out of the window. You might live.
Your hungry for breakfast
12. You finally decide to search for the key. You first look in the Count's room. He is sleeping in his coffin shaped bed, even though it is morning. You think that the key is inside the drawer next to his coffin/bed.
Wake up the Count and ask him for the key
Pull out your hairpin and turn it into a lockpick
Grab an axe to chop down the drawer
Grad a steak and hit the Count with it
Hey, all of the windows in this castle don't let any light in
Climb into the coffin/bed and wait for the Count to wake up
13. Before you can decide what to do, the Count suddenly wakes up. You jump backwards from fright, then quickly recover. The Count asks you what you are doing, disturbing his sleep.
You're disturbing his sleep, duh
Ask him for the key to leave the castle
Throw the crucifix at him and yell "Vrolok"
Just wait and stare at him
Ask for breakfast
14. The next thing you know, he's chasing you through the castle and he suddenly grew fangs. You come to several sets of doors. Which door do you go through?
The one marked "Kitchen", your hungry
The one marked "Roof", there is sunlight there
The one marked "Garlic Room", your hungry
You run back to the Count and hug him :D
You get out the axe and try to destroy that drawer
15. You run out to the roof, and to your dismay, you remember it is cloudy today. The Count comes out and laughs evily. There is no escape... unless you...
Climb down ladder that appeared out of nowhere
Embrace fate, and the Count :D
Ask him to do it fast so you can become a cool vampire
Laugh with him, even though you didn't think that it was that funny
16. You somehow made it to the ground and you are running toward the village. You need to lose the Count. Where do you go?
The Hall of Mirrors
The Hotel
The Garlic Shop
That Fortune Teller
Run back to the Count to hug him :D
17. Are you sad that this is over?
I want food

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