How Lanky are you?

There are many people who watch programmes such as Phoenix Nights and Coronation Street and think that Lancashire is all labour clubs and hotpots. Well to some extent you'd be right. But take the quiz and see how lanky you are!

Are you a lancashire lad/lass? Do you know you're onions? Are you clued up on lancashire life and the goings on over this side of the hills? Well time to find out. Answer the 10 quick questions to see if you're a lancashire hotpot or just plain potty!

Created by: Jennifer of myspace
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3. Potatoes, carrots, beetroot, pickled cabbage... maybe a crust. Its gotta be
A meat and a potato pie
A cornish pasty
A hotpot
Corned-beef hash
4. "ee thy'd frit'n a police 'orse" means
You're extremely tall
You're not very pretty
You're very bad mannered
You're very loud
5. "ten bob" is what
fifty pence
fifty miles
ten o clock at night
ten o clock in the morning
6. if someone asks for "babby's yed and mixture" what do they want?
Some peace and quiet from the kids
A pint of mild
A one night stand
Steak pud, fish chips and peas
7. Big shops and chippy teas are usually associated with which day of the week?
8. A famous canal in lancashire is...
St. Helens-Salford
The Suez
9. Which of these is NOT from Lancashire?
Sir Ian McKellen
Peter Kay
Wayne Rooney
Rick Astley
10. Which of the following is NOT a lancashire dish?
Black Pudding
Jellied Eels
Manchester Tart
Eccles Cake
11. Which of these means "im hungry"
"im klempt"
"im frozzen"
"im stodged"
"im spitting feathers"
12. Which of these is not associated with lancashire?
flat caps
pie eaters

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