How Kiwi are you? (New Zealand)

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rocket said:
Nov 27 '13, 9:47PM

been in Australia for 33 years,i was born in the Waikato and i pulled 83% how cool is that

Bookcat9 said:
Apr 12 '13, 1:11PM

41% :( I should know more about this, I'm half Kiwi!

Cassaqazqaz said:
Jan 4 '12, 8:06PM

I GOT 56%
its not the same thing
its better

olivia_grace12 said:
Nov 12 '11, 7:43PM

i live in nz near christchurch.

I got 100& :)

3mm4 said:
Oct 15 '11, 5:06AM

85%! WOOP!!! Proud to be kiwi! Love the quiz! The questions were hard as which makes it AWESOME!!!!!

eirene said:
Mar 10 '11, 1:01PM

I come from the other side of the world-scotland but i really want to live in nz like REALLY just have to marry a kiwi then i gotta excuse lolXD

2crazy4cheese said:
Sep 12 '10, 2:07AM

imma Ausi

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