How is 2011 looking for you?

Ever wondered what 2011 has in store for you? The first month's gone by...but there's still 11 months to go! Take this quiz and find out (in general) what it's going to be like, and please don't show up at the author's door tomorrow and shoot them!

Do you wonder what the rest of 2011's going to be like? If so, then take this quiz! (Note: Answers are extremely general and may change depending on different circumstances)

Created by: dextinfae
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. So...using these answers, how would you describe your life so far? (choose the one that applies the most)
It's pretty good. Decent grades, had a girlfriend/boyfriend, got a job, happy times...*nods*
Okay. I wouldn't consider it the "greatest", but it wasn't exactly that "bad" either...
Terrible! I failed my test, and my parents were acting as if I burnt the house down!
....There are no words to really describe it.
4. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
....why is this your business?
5. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most and 1 being the least, how "severe" were the lies you told?
1--the know, they weren't "major", and they didn't affect many people
2--It had to be done for the sake of others (including myself)
3--Hahha...yeah...I don't tell that bad lies!
4--Lies? *snorts* If you want to get somewhere, then you have to lie for your own good...
5--Dude, you're talking to the King/Queen of Severe Lies! I've already been grounded like...345873 times.
6. What do you hope for this year?
Better marks--Hopefully my parents no longer complain about me to everyone they meet.
A new romantic interest--I'm tired of seeing only my face in my personal photographs.
Money--I'm sick of not wanting to purchase something I like without having to take out a loan from others.
Fame--I also have a life too!
Food--It's the want me to have a good year, then give me those candy bars.
Justice--I'm tired of having to live and watching others suffer, especially people that are close to me.
7. Out of a random fairytale-style book, which one of the "characters" would portray you the most?
The Hero--that's me! The knight in shining armor!
The Heroine--Girls rule the world, boys are soo overrated.
The Princess--I'm so pretty, cool, cute, rich, and did I forget to mention how pretty I am?
The Villain--All hail the evil me! *maniacal laugh*
The Sidekick--Hello, what happened to the faithful steed that carried the heavy weight of the knight and princess?
Nobody--Fairytales are for you (me: That's not nice. :P)
8. For my biology project, should I make an animal cell or a plant cell? (this has no effect)
WTF this has nothing to do with this quiz. Hello, this is supposed to be about me, ME!!
Animal cell
Plant cell
Biology? What's that?
9. Sorry about the previous question...Anyways, so what's your relationship like with your siblings?
Pretty good...we get along, smile, joke, hug. We'll help each other when in trouble.
Okay. It's not like we're BFFs, but I would help them if they were going to die without my help.
Terrible. They think they're so smart but they're just a bunch of jerks!
Meh. We're just related by blood, that's all.
I don't have siblings. *mutters* stupid author.
10. If you wanted to live in one of the following anime shows, which one would it be?
Anime? What's that?
Death Note
Ouran High School Host Club
11. Why do you wake up in the morning?
Hello? I have a life, and I intend to live to the fullest moment of it.
Mom's going to scream if I don't.
Look, I'm going to get fired, and then my spouse and kids will start whining at me.
...Why do you come up with such retarded questions?
I must. If I don't, then I will forever be trapped in the web of my dreams...*shudders*
12. Suppose you are given 3 choices to kill yourself: Poison, Revolver, and/or a dagger. Which one would you choose?
I need more info here--what's the motive? what's the situation? what's the advantages of each thing? will I be able to sue you after this? (me: this is a quiz for crying out loud...not some smart-ass TV show)
Poison--Just like that greek dude!
Revolver--This is modern society people...though I wish it were a Glock instead.
Dagger--Good ol' knife. Lemme just chop up the author's limbs, then we'll get to myself...
13. Seriously, do you believe in god?
Yes. I believe in a divine being who watches over us and will always be there to guide us, no matter what.
No, there is no silly divine being that exists. Life is merely due to reproduction, and whatever happens is the result of our own hardwork.
I don't know. I don't really give much thought into that.
14. Have there been times when you feel "misunderstood"?
Yeah, totally! Now someone's finally getting it! It seemed like everybody was my enemy, and they didn't understand the hardships I was facing...
No. I'm a very open person, and it seems like everybody is always pouring out their feelings to me.
It's called adolescene. Get it right, author.
15. Did you watch the movie "2012"?
No--I've heard about it.
Yes--The end of the world isn't coming. Also, there were some scientifically incorrect facts they stated there, for instance...(me: -_____- Why are you taking this quiz?)
No--I'm not interested in silly movies that act like messiahs.
16. Okay, I'm done now. How did you like this quiz?
Pretty good--It's new...and kinda long. But whatever.
Okay--I've seen better.
Stupid--Your grammar's downright terrible, and some questions were completely pointless. What was the point of question 8? Does it look like I attend your fricking biology class? Do I look like your fricking lab partner? Huh?
Terrible--there are no words to describe how bad this quiz was. It was so bad that I stopped doing it in the beginning.

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