How involved are you in Los Jovenes?

There are many people who claim to be a part of Los Jovenes yet never attend or don't really participate in anything. This quiz will show you exactly where you stand. If you don't attend Emmanuel Church in Burbank, then you probably have never heard of Los Jovenes but can possibly apply it to your own youth group if you attend one.

Are you a part of Los Jovenes? Are you a true Christian? Or are you just faking it? With this quiz, you might be surprised... There are people who attend the group but never help or serve in any way. There are also those who claim to be a part of the group, yet don't attend the meetings. God says we should be involved with Christians and worship Him together on a regular basis. This group serves that purpose.

Created by: adriana of Los Jovenes
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. I attend Los Jovenes...
Every single Sunday w/o fail!
ALMOST every Sunday
About once a month.
Whenever they have events afterwards
Whenever I get my lazy butt up on Sunday morning.
4. I helped with...
the garage sale
the dominose pizza card sale
candy sale
greg's move
At least two of the above
All the above
5. You read your Bible...
Almost daily
Whenever I have nothing else to do
Once or twice a week
Only on Sundays
6. You use bad language...
Only when it slips out
More often than not
It's part of my daily language
Often and proud!
7. Honestly, I attend Los Jovenes...
To learn more about Jesus
Because my friends attend
Because I like to be cared for
To worship God
To keep from being bored
I have no idea
8. Church is...
God's house
boring zzzzzzzzzzz
a place to worship God
where the party's at!
where I go when I'm having problems
a place full of hypocrites
9. I answer and ask questions on Sundays...
I'm usually day dreaming
privately afterwards
10. I check the Jovenes site...
whenever I get hounded to do so
several times a day
at least once a day
once a week
there's a site?
11. After you hear the message, you...
forget about it five minutes later
reflect on it throughout the week
try to find oppositions
try to meditate on it
don't really do anything with it
think about what you want for lunch
12. You've been to the annual camping trip...
1 time
2 times
3 times
4 times
5 or more...
13. You think Adriana is...
a good leader
the best
all the above (if ur smart, you'll figure out that this one gives u the most points)
14. Abortion...
should be up to the parents
should be illegal
should be allowed only if the person was raped
should be legal in all states, conditions, etc
who cares?
I'm too shy to give my opinion
15. After Los Jovenes, I hang out with the group...
one hour w/ them is enough!
they hang out?
more often than not
16. I serve at the church by being involved with...
the worship team
Sunday School with the kiddies
volunteering to lead a group (middle school, high school, college etc)
writing the bulletins, calling up the new people, directory, or helping organize a funraiser
the offering plate
Me serve?

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