How Ilson are you?

This is a quiz to determine how "Ilson" you are. Ilkeston is a town inbetween Derby and Nottingham. Ilkeston was probably founded in the 6th century AD, and gets its name from its supposed founder, Elch or Elcha, who was an Anglian chieftain ("Elka's Tun" = Elka's Town). The town appears as Tilchestune in the Domesday Book when it was owned principally by Gilbert de Ghent. Gilbert also controlled nearby Shipley, West Hallam and Stanton by Dale.[1] Ilkeston was created a borough by Queen Victoria in 1887. Ilkeston is one of several places where the distinctive dialect of East Midlands English is extensively spoken. Ilkeston is referred to as 'Ilson' in this dialect. One might greet a friend with "Eh up, me duck!" or "Ah do?".

Find out how Ilson you are by taking this quiz, full of quiz questions about Ilkeston, places and dialect. If you're not from Ilkeston, then some of it might not make much sense, but feel free to have a go anyway :)

Created by: Anonymous
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1. Ay up me duck means?
Have you got my duck?
2. Ilkeston lies on the river?
There's a river?
3. The American Adventure which closed in 2007 was situated in
Shipley Country park
Stanton Ironworks
Mapperly villiage
4. The word snap which comes from miners, means
5. Ilkeston fair, which happens in autumn is opened by
The mayor of Ilkeston
The mayor of Kirkhallam
Ilkeston council
6. Ilkeston used to have a spa baths
Does it/ Did it?
7. The pub on Cotmanhay Road, which got damamged by the gas explosion and was eventually knocked down was called
The pickled newt
The hand and heart
The colliers
8. The observatory, a pub at the top of town, used to be?
A supermarket
A different pub
A church
9. Weleda, on heanor Road, specialises in:
10. "Ay ya gorra wi ya" means:
Where is it?
Have you got a gorilla?
Have you got her with you?
11. Its black over Bills mothers means
Its going to rain
Theres trouble brewing
Immigrants just moved in

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