How Illinois are You? 2

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scolionophobia said:
Jan 29 '12, 10:06PM

i live there too. that person down there you are one angry don of a bicth and i dont even like sports so shud up :(

grep said:
Nov 27 '11, 12:59PM

I've lived in IL since 1974 and I got a 60%. Note to whoever created this "test". Chicago is not the only city in Illinois. When you want me to list the cities from north to south and they are ALL suburbs of Chicago there is a problem. How many questions could you answer about anything south of Chicago?

Bubba92 said:
Nov 26 '11, 12:41PM

I scored 85% and am a Certified Illinois Scholar. Lived here for 16+ years.

PanickingKilljoy said:
Oct 25 '11, 7:03PM

Though it's a lot about Chicago, and though I'm not in the city, all I hear about IS Chicago, so, yep.

iDAREu said:
Oct 22 '11, 9:26PM

Okay, so if you're from southern Illinois and aren't a history buff don't take this quiz cause it's all about the stupid city of Chicago. I got a 67%, lived here all my life (15 years) I just have one thing to say. THERE IS MORE TO ILLINOIS THAN CHICAGO.

forever hope said:
Sep 5 '11, 12:19PM

shut up a hole to tomaniac2 whatever

Writer said:
Aug 15 '10, 12:07PM

I am disappointed that the IL Quiz I took didn't answer for me those I answered incorrectly! Very regretful I took the time for the quiz...without answers that I'm too rushed with serious personal business to look up. Thanks but...not again.

vleroy728 said:
Feb 1 '10, 8:25PM

I got 70% and I live in Illinois...oh well,not like I lived here for a long time,just for my whole life of 13.5 years!

ern11 said:
Nov 26 '08, 1:37PM

i got a 60%

converse41 said:
Oct 16 '08, 4:47PM

50% pretty good cuz i dont liv in illinois (i might someday tho)

Tomaniac2 said:
Apr 1 '08, 9:54PM

Illinois Sucks! Same with Illinoisins and the Bears, Cubs and all that Illinois crap! Go Packers

andrewm23j said:
Mar 1 '08, 9:54AM

i moved from illinois in 85 thanks to my parent getting remarried and i got an 92% so take that indiana

DSa said:
Feb 26 '08, 7:23PM

I lives in illinois i still only got 73%

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