How Herefordian are you?

Hereford is an undistinguished little city with a failed football team, a bankrupt council and a drink problem. However some of us are proud to be natives.

Contradictorily, wanting to be local immediately sets you apart as an incomer. Take this test to see how acclimatised you are to the forgotten county.

Created by: A Russell
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1. What colour are Hereford cattle?
Black and white
Brown with a white face
2. What pint do you drink?
Butty Bach
Stella Artois
3. If someone says 'look, see, right' does it mean
Check right when crossing the road
You're at the optician
Nothing at all
4. Did your grandparents live in the county?
They still do and I live with them.
5. Tractors are for
Ploughing fields
Pulling rotavators
Any travel required
6. Which implement is missing from the Hereford rap: Rotavator, cultivator, _________, plough
Combine harvester
7. What is a flail?
A synchronised swimming move
The way to catch the barmaid's eye at the Barrels
A hedge cutter
8. Have you ever seen the Mappa Mundi?
Maybe when I was at school, can't remember
9. How do you feel about Hereford?
It's a s---hole
I like its pubs, clubs and nightlife
It's a quaint town with interesting shops
10. Do you think Leominster is
A nice place to visit occasionally
Good for antique shops
The host of all evil

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