How Hawaiian are You?

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CrystalWolfie said:
May 29 '15, 4:32PM

I have literally no idea what these words mean.... I have failed my Hawaiian boyfriend X"3

Mongo73 said:
Jun 28 '14, 11:05PM

The quiz says for kind of transportation "wahine" but that means girl.

gorilla said:
Dec 15 '12, 12:41PM

what i got tourist i go there all the time my mom was born and raised there most of my friends live there my grandma lives there

Mikala said:
Feb 29 '12, 3:23AM

Great quiz! I am a lifelong resident, so scored perfect. However - few spelling corrections for your introductory paragraph: It is Kama`aina, not Kama`ina. It is Malihini, not Malahini. It is Da Kine not De Kine, and the language is "pidgin" not "pidgeon". Otherwise, thanks for a good quiz!

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