How Frugally Awesome Are You?

Are you a frugal, coupon clipping master? Find out with the "How Frugally Awesome Are You? quiz! Created by a frugally awesome blogger, this quiz will reveal how much of a saver you really are!

Who is more frugal, you or your significant other? Your mother? Find out with, "How Frugally Awesome Are You?. Developed by a top frugal blogger. Good luck!

Created by: debtkid of coupons
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Grab your receipts from last week. How much did you save off your total grocery/drugstore bill?
You don't know or really care
4. When it comes to grocery shopping, do you…
Head to the store with a list of the foods you're craving for the week and fill your cart without worrying about the budget?
Set a budget and do your best to spend less than you've budgeted?
Make several stops each week to pick up whatever sounds good to you that day?
Try to get as many of your family's favorites as you can without breaking the budget?
Shop according to the coupons and store specials?
5. Where do you buy your clothes?
You find amazing deals at yard sales and thrift stores.
You wait for the big holiday sales and then go on a shopping spree at the mall.
Only the best boutiques and stores for you.
You don't. You've been wearing the same clothes for seven years.
You try to shop at thrift stores but usually walk out frustrated.
6. For your mother's birthday, you…
Found the perfect gift and then used an online coupon code to save 15%.
Purchased her gift and one for yourself as well because you loved it so much.
"Went shopping" in your gift closet for the perfect gift, which you picked up on clearance two years ago.
Picked out her gift but ended up buying her two because they were on sale.
Made her a beautiful handmade gift in the colors and styles she loves, using supplies you'd stockpiled over the years.
7. When preparing for a big purchase, you…
Always look for bonus offers that allow you to get more for your money.
Decide you want something and then head to the closest store to buy it.
Usually make the purchase online, but you always search for a coupon code to use first.
Do a little research for the best price, but mostly shop based on how much you've budgeted for it rather than waiting for a better deal to come along.
Save up and then begin a long search for the best price before actually making the purchase.
8. Which best describes the last time you went out to eat with your family?
You can't remember the last time you went out to eat with your family.
ou ordered so much food that you probably could have invited the people at the next table to join you and still had leftovers.
Since you had a coupon for a free entrée, you decided to order a frozen drink, an appetizer and finish off with dessert as well.
You used a coupon and skipped the appetizer, but soda is a must.
You ordered water to drink, no appetizer and split two entrées between the six of you.
9. Who cuts your family's hair?
You've been going to the same salon for years, and you usually get a pedicure while you're there.
Only the best salons are allowed near your hair.
You've thought about cutting hair yourself, but you usually end up just running to the local discount salon.
You do. So what if everyone has the same haircut?
You buzz the boys' hair yourself, but the girls go to Hair Cuttery.
10. How long could your family live off your stockpile?
You tried to stockpile once, but that food's probably long expired now.
Six months, easily.
Three to six months.
Every time you start to stockpile, you end up raiding it so you can use the grocery budget toward another purchase.
A couple of months at the most.
11. Where do you keep your credit cards?
They're in your wallet so that you can still earn rewards points and store discounts with your purchases.
There's one frozen in a block of ice in the freezer, but only for emergencies.
Credit cards? CREDIT CARDS? Don't you know credit cards are evil?
The ones that still have an available line of credit are in your wallet. The rest are in a drawer at home.
Alphabetized in your wallet, of course, to make finding the right one easier.
12. You just got a promotion and raise at work! How do you celebrate?
You buy yourself a new electronic gadget you've been drooling over.
You rush home to calculate how much more you'll be able to put in savings each pay period.
You go out for a nice dinner with your family.
You splurge on the fixins for a fancy meal at home.
You invite everyone you work with out for drinks, on you of course.

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