how EVIL are you!?

there are meany people who thank thay are EVIL.only some are may act evil but are you?evil is when you dont care who you are and you dont care what people thank about you.

Are you evil?do you really thank you could pass a a evil person.?well thinks to my new quizz you could really find out if you are evil.i have to say i like my quizz.

Created by: ashely of this site
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like violent vidio games?
  2. do you thank you are evil?
  3. what is your fav. color?
  4. if you could chose a pet what would it be?
  5. do you cut your self?
  6. do you belive you are popular?
  7. if someone toled you you were a b**** what would you do
  8. do you like being maen to people
  9. what is your
  10. if you cold be a vampier would you?
  11. would you like to be a wearwolf

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Quiz topic: How EVIL am I!?