How Evil Are You?

Are you truly evil? If so, how evil are you? Average evil? Goodie-two-shoes? Satan's half-brother/sister? You know that you want to find out, and here's your chance.

If you're evil and you know it clap your hands! Oh wait, you don't know if you're evil or not? Well why don't you just take this simple, easy to understand test to find out.

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You're at McDonalds. You know for a fact that they're running low on french fries, your favorite (yes it is!). The line is long and time is short. You...
"Hey look! It's [famous person]!" *sneaks to front of line*
Eat everything in sight including the french fries and the customers in line. (Hey, you got your money's worth)
Wait patiently (Me: *facepalm* What's wrong with you?!)
Hand everyone five bucks if they let you cut in front of them. ($75 fries?)
4. So you just finished your fries (unless you chose #3), and are returning to your car. You find that someone dented the door. You...
Steal someone else's car that doesn't have a dent in it.
Walk around the parking lot putting dents in everyone else's cars in hope of getting revenge on the one who dented your car.
Realize the dent was already there before (Oops...)
"Oh Well. Win some lose some."
5. You leave the McDonald's parking lot and are driving down the road when a man in an orange jumpsuit comes running out of the woods. You...
Pick him up because he helped you with the museum heist, and he got caught but you didn't.
Step on the gas because he helped you with the museum heist, and you're the one who turned him in.
Pick him up because you're a poor decision-maker.
Step on the gas because the police are already after you for eating those people back there...
6. The next day you're at work. A fellow worker is being loud and obnoxious. You...
"Shh...we're in the middle of a heist you moron! Don't make me turn you in like the last guy!"
"Shut up!!!!"
Develop a twitch
Become louder and more obnoxious
7. You get home. Time to relax! You...
Torture the voodoo doll of the detective who nailed you ten years ago.
Watch TV
Watch the nieghbors
Browse the internet taking stupid quizzes.
8. Its getting late, and you need to get to bed. You...
Shower to get clean and crawl into bed
Shower to get rid of the evidence and crawl into bed
Shower to get rid of the evidence and crawl into your coffin
Bathe in a pool of blood and crawl into your coffin
9. You want to eat your favorite breakfast the next morning, so you...
Whip up some pancakes
Break into the neighbors house and steal whatever it is they're making
Cry, because french fries aren't available at McDonalds until after 10:30
Cereal. You're too lazy for anything else
10. Need to take up space: What is your favorite color, and where would you find it?
Red - The luscious color or blood
Golden - The luscious color of McD's fries
Black - The luscious color of your heart
Pink - The luscious color of unicorns
Blue - The luscious color of Chris Hemsworth's eyes
Infinity!!!! (Hint: The answer does not make you any more evil, but does prove how stupid you are)
11. Where would you rather live?
Timbuktu (wait...that actually exists?)
L.A. (Chris Hemsworth, here I come!)
Anywhere that isn't Ohio
A monastery
12. Let fate decide...

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