How Episcopalian Are You?

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Nargles98 said:
Nov 9 '13, 3:53PM

I'm a teenager that's confirmed Episcopal and have been for as long as I can remember... Since I was like, 4. My parents've met the Presiding Bishop, and yet I only know enough to get a 90%... I feel ashamed. Very ashamed.

xeds girl said:
Jun 26 '13, 9:20PM

im not Christian though

Svenilza said:
Apr 2 '13, 6:57PM

81%... I'm actually Presbyterian, but I know a lot of Episcopalians!

mikejustmike said:
Mar 2 '13, 6:20PM

Was Church of Christ, was Baptist, Now 88% Episcopalian. Rock on.

Fisiks said:
Feb 28 '13, 4:26PM

16. You are fascinated to find how much bible there is in the Book of Commin Prayer.

stalkerladything said:
Feb 12 '13, 9:54AM

I'm an atheist and this quiz told me I might be a Catholic XD

AlexTheCat said:
Jan 24 '13, 7:47PM

48& alright. I'm not a Christian and am still not sure what escopalian is but oh well

Totallycool said:
Jul 11 '12, 5:28PM

What is this

JPunch said:
Mar 9 '12, 11:00AM

100% Episcopalian!

motibutton said:
Feb 2 '12, 5:32PM

I was christened and confirmed Episcopalian but left the church many years ago and am now a Buddhist. It still said 90% Episcopalian.

beep said:
Dec 20 '11, 2:48AM

I'm christian doofus!

Alex13writer said:
Sep 14 '11, 6:31PM

I am a christend episcopalian and this quiz said 74%- that's pretty accurate

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