How emotional are you??

We all are emotionally challenged at times.... But how much?? Some people are too emotional - and that affects many points in life!! Emotions are an important part of life, something we must learn to control well enough.

How emotional are you?? This quiz will help you discover if you are too emotional or too un-emotional. In a few minutes..... IT WILL BE REVEALED!!!!!

Created by: Szeling
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3. When someone teases you or talks bad about you, you....
Ignore it, who cares??
Be a bit agitated but then ignore it afterwards.
Give that person a "you-know-what-will-happen" look.
Hit that person.
Scream/shout at that person.
Make a joke out of it.
4. When someone hits you on purpose, you....
Scold him/her.
Ignore him/her.
Hit him/her.
Tell the teacher.
5. You cry.....
Very easily.
When the news is heart-breaking.
Once in a while.
6. Whenever you are angry, you will most likely.....
Coop yourself somewhere and vent your anger.
Coop yourself somewhere and try to calm down.
Become cranky.
Flare up and start scolding/cursing/etc (verbal).
Flare up and start hitting/kicking/etc (physical).
Talk some sense into yourself.
7. Someone tells you some FAKE gossip about your best friend. You....
Turn angry and scold the person.
Keep quiet.
Tell your best friend and form a hate-group against that person.
Tell your best friend and tell her to ignore it.
Spend days and nights thinking what to do.
8. Someone of higher authority is scolding you for something you didn't do. You.....
Argue back.
Argue back IN YOUR MIND.
Start hating that person.
Start to think why is she scolding you.
Forget about it afterwards.
9. A good friend has a birthday party soon. She/He doesn't invite you. You....
talk to that friend NICELY.
start hating that friend.
spread rumours/talk bad about that friend.
end that friendship. full-stop.
think up some logical explanation and leave it.
10. You are angry at someone. The next day, when you meet that someone, you....
talk to him/her about why you're angry.
ignore him/her & don't talk to him/her.
start lashing out at him/her.
avoid him/her.
11. If someone steals your boyfriend/girlfriend or crush, you.....
go to that girl/guy and ask her to back off.
tell off that girl/guy.
break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or stop liking your crush.
talk it out with the 2 of them.
12. Some friends has arranged to meet you somewhere. When you arrive, your friends breaks the awful truth to you - they hate you a lot. You....
accept it, what can you do??
try to change.
turn angry.
ask why and try to change.

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