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tinnelle said:
May 7 '16, 11:02PM

44%? Really! I have had a crazy life, this quiz has got to be wrong. JoannaBrown, read your comment, you'll be okay, sorry, luck will come around. Your one tough son of a gun.

EMO GIRL 123 said:
Apr 2 '16, 10:57PM

99% emo yeah :/ well what eva its just who i am im not going to throw the biggest party of the year

Demigod123 said:
Apr 2 '16, 9:32PM

89% emo im not even a poser yeah thats right b****es .Im the real deal heck yeah.So I showed all the girly brats the truth they cant keep sayin who I am

gothicprincessxx said:
Jan 14 '16, 11:29AM

57%!! That's nice to know since i don't really want to be full-on emo XD

sademogirl said:
Oct 16 '15, 7:46AM

You are 89% emo!


You're a true emo, and that's cool. You're not even a poser. You're the real deal. It's for real. Go you.

merlinea said:
Jun 28 '15, 10:33PM

Merome said:
Dec 14 '14, 9:59AM

57% yay!!!

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